Open Call for Submissions

Feminist Elizabethan is currently looking for art, poetry, film (preferably short), vlogs, critical analysis and other pieces for submission.

What are the qualifications for submissions?

They must be feminist in nature and non-discriminatory. There is no word or project limit, but it is preferred that these pieces be more pop culture oriented and that they showcase the enmeshed relationship between pop culture and social issues.

Pieces concerning celebrities (e.g., actresses, artists, musicians or politicians), television shows, films, music and books are particularly welcome.

What will you get out of this?

Exposure and a platform. Displaying your work on Feminist Elizabethan will allow you to be heard and seen by a wide audience and will give you an opportunity to experiment and develop your voice. Feminist Elizabethan does not currently pay for any piece (whether an article, an art piece, video or poetry) but this could change in the future.

If interested, contact and pitch us your ideas.