Feminist Resources

Academic Men Explain Things To Me

A Tumblr account where women can share their experiences of being mansplained.

Action Heroines in Wildly Inappropriate Shoes

A Tumblr account dedicated to all of those action heroines who wear questionable footwear.


An online magazine that delivers (as noted on the website) news, entertainment, opinion, community and girl-on-girl culture for the lesbian, bisexual and queer woman.

 The Advocate

A magazine that features national news that is relevant to the LGBTQI community.

Amazing Women in History

A site that tells the stories of all of the women that were ever left out of your history book.

Ambivalently Yours 

A site that centers around the idea of ambivalent feminism and DIY zines.

The Angry Black Woman

A blog that focuses on sexism and racism.

Aunt Lute Books

A nonprofit multicultural women’s press.


Is the Asexual Visibility and Education Network (AVEN). AVEN is an online asexual community and an archive of resources on asexuality.


A feminist pop culture blog that has a stated focus on film, television, music and critical commentary on media representation.

Bechdel Test Movie List

A list of movies that have or have not passed the Bechdel test.

Bitch Flicks

Critical analysis of female, non-White and LGBTI roles in film and television.

Bitch Media

A non-profit feminist organization that produces Bitch magazine. Bitch is a feminist magazine that has been running since 1996 and has an online blog. Both the magazine and the blog critically cover a wide expanse of topics such as music, art, movies, culture and politics, but while the blog free-ranges over any topic at any time each issue of the magazine has a core theme.


A site that strives to redefine the connotation of “feminism” and to reclaim “feminism” as an all inclusive experience.

The Broad Side                                                                                                               

An online magazine written by women in the style of opinion commentary and original reporting .


A magazine that discusses feminism, pop culture and gender issues.

Center for the Study of Women in Television & Film

A center that researches the representation of women in television and film and makes their research readily available to the public.

Clutch Magazine

Is an online magazine whose target audience are young Black women and provides both information and entertainment news.


A daily news site with race at the forefront.

The Crunk Feminist Collective

An online community of scholars-activists who share their thoughts through various mediums and particularly focuses on reaching out to feminists from the hip hop generation.


An online magazine that primarily targets a Black queer and trans women audience and provides news, entertainment, political commentary and opinion pieces.

Everyday Harassment

A Tumblr blog where anyone can safely share her story of sexual harassment.

Everyday Sexism

A site where one can read and share one’s (expressly women’s) experiences with day-to-day sexism. The site exists in order to document and reveal the prevalence of everyday sexism.

Female Arts

It is hard for women to enter the arts and this site aims to improve gender equality in the art world by promoting women.


An online feminist magazine for the young feminist.


A feminist community referred to as a “feminist google,” Feminist is dedicated towards providing feminist resources and information, encourages activism, and provides news, original articles, interviews and outside articles.

Feminist Apparel

A site that sells a range of feminist clothing.

Feminist Fiction

A blog that views and analyzes books, film and television through a critical feminist lens.

Feminist Frequency
A video web series that takes a critical look at pop culture representations of women.


A community feminist blog that encourages activism, publishes news stories and cultural analyses, and reblogs.

Feminist Ryan Gosling

A Tumblr dedicated to a feminist Ryan Gosling.


An online organization that features women’s voices on social issues, feminism, fashion, beauty, culture and politics.


An online community that acts as a safe place for women to connect with each other and to express themselves.

Feral Feminisms

Is an open access online journal that caters around themes and is open to academic essays, poetry, cultural commentary, photo-essays, short films and sound art submissions.

Free the Slaves

An organization that works to free slaves around the world at a grassroots level, shares stories to inspire aid and works with governments to create anti-slavery laws.

Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network

A national education organization that works to ensure a safe environment for all students by conducting research, empowering students and creating resources for educators to use.

Guerrilla Feminism

An intersectional feminist collective that aims to create dialogue about women’s and gender issues.

Gradient Lair

A blog that primarily addresses Black women’s experiences in the U.S., but also discusses other topics like asexuality and pop culture.


A Canadian feminist magazine that features feminist news that affects Canadians.

Her Story Arc

A site that is dedicated to presenting progressive stories of women and girls in the media.


A worldwide anti-street harassment campaign that strives to end street-harassment through grassroots efforts and has an online forum where one can share personal street-harassment experiences.

How To Lose Your Virginity

A documentary that explores the idea of “virginity” and sex shaming.


A popular feminist blog that features easy to read and often short news articles that critique pop culture with a heavy dose of sarcasm and also publishes or reblogs personal experience articles.

The Justice Project

A platform for educational, environmental, economic and social justice causes.

Kathleen Hanna

The feminist punk performer from Bikini Kill, Le Tigre and The Julie Ruin who helped start Riot Grrrl.

Live Your Dream

A network that provides online volunteer and activist opportunities that improve the lives of girls and women.


An online feminist magazine that focuses on journalism, critical analysis and visual and text art.


A feminist blog that examines African society and culture through personal stories, opinion pieces and analyses.


A magazine and blog that provides news, debate, and advice on writing for women writers.

Ms. Magazine

A longstanding feminist magazine that originally began as a one-shot sample in New York Magazine in 1971 and was the first national feminist magazine.

Off our backs

Is a former print news journal by, for, and about women that started in 1970 and ended in 2008.

Persephone Magazine

A blog for women that features articles from both staff and readers.


International organization that advocates for underrepresented groups in media.


A blog that discusses the intersection of race and pop culture.

Rape Crisis Center

Provides information on rape and aids rape survivors and their families.


A sarcastic and truthful blog stylized as a mockumentary magazine that points out the bullshit in magazines such as Cosmo and Marie Claire.

Sallie Bingham Center for Women’s History & Culture

A center at the Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library at Duke University that acquires and preserves published and unpublished material that reflects women’s lives throughout history.

Shameless Magazine

A feminist Canadian magazine for young women and trans youth that features a variety of articles about art, culture and current events that speak to a diverse audience.

The Transadvocate

News and commentary from trans advocates from a grassroots perspective.

TransYouth Project

Is the first large-scale, national, longitudinal study of development  in gen­der nonconforming, trans­gen­der, and gender variant youth. They also do outreach.


An online transnational visibility project that tells the stories of Black, Indigenous and people of color who are non-gender conforming.

The Vagenda

A feminist site that publishes an array of different articles and uses humor to critique pop culture.

Wellesley Centers for Women

Is a gender-focused-and-action organization which produces social science research and evaluation, develops theory and publications, and implements training programs on issues that involve women’s lives and concerns.