Sex and People with Disabilities

Disabilities and people with disabilities tends to be a topic that is avoided in literature (whether fiction or non-fiction), television, online activism and in everyday conversation so this week I’m sharing a vlog with you guys from Laci Green where she and a friend discuss people with disabilities and sex.

In the vlog, Green’s guest and friend, Olivia who has a disability called maracin deficiency, talks about some of her own experiences with sex and relationships, and she discusses some other topics in regards to sex and disabilities like the different sex toys that can be used to accommodate certain disabilities, how sex can sometimes alleviate chronic pain and how some able-bodied people fetishize people with disabilities.

So what will you get from watching this video? Well, you won’t suddenly become an expert about sex and disabilities from watching this video, but if you are a person who is able-bodied who doesn’t think really think about disabilities, then this is a good introductory watch to get you thinking about people with disabilities and possibly destroy some false beliefs you might have about people with disabilities and sex.