The Trailer for the Full-Length Version of Advantageous Has Arrived

The official trailer for the full-length feature version of Advantageous has arrived, and it looks like this version of the film is going to be just as good as its short film predecessor.

If you’re not familiar with Advantageous, the film originally started out as 20 minute short feature which explored concepts such as race, gender, age and class through the lens of an Asian woman who grapples with living in a world where there aren’t enough jobs, where a good education is a scarce luxury and where one must do whatever it takes to survive. Oh, and this short film is a sci-fi film which takes place in the future, but like all good sci-fi films, Advantageous reflects the realities of present day.

Since the making of the short, Advantageous has been converted into a full-length feature film, and it looks like the original concept of film has not only remained intact but that it has been further explored in this new full-length version. And this can only mean that the full-length version of Advantageous is just as good, if not better, than its predecessor.

To see Advantageous, if you live in New York City or San Francisco you might be able to catch a screening of the film (Advantageous has had a limited release) or you can watch the film now on Netflix.