Sexism and the Devaluement of the Feminine Impact Men

Does sexism impact men? Yes. The answer is yes. Sexism can be just as harmful for men when it comes to gender expectations and roles as it is for women, and as Laci Green discusses in “Does Sexism Hurt Men?,” sexism has far-reaching systemic effects that limits men on what they can or cannot do and feel based on the fact that there is a societal devaluement of the feminine. And is the devaluement of the feminine the only reason that sexism exists? No, it is not. There are many factors behind sexism, but the devaluement of the feminine is one of the most obvious (and it may also be more of an effect than a cause) and one of the most impactful.

To hear and learn more about the devaluement of the feminine and how it and sexism impact men, watch the above video by Green.