5 Power Songs from Women Who Have Had Enough

Every once in a while, a gauntlet is thrown down and a female musician creates a song that makes it clear that she is not someone to mess with and that she’s just gonna do her. The result? Some incredibly catchy power songs that make you feel good and that are actually pretty damn inspiring and uplifting. And the following videos? Five instances of such songs.

KittiB Feat. Verbal Jint – “Doin’ Good”

KittiB, A Korean rapper who starred in the second season of the all female rap survival show Unpretty Rapstar, released “Doin’ Good,” a song all about just that – doin’ good.

The music video for “Doin’ Good” is pretty simple by Korean standards. The overall video is dark, the scenes are mostly comprised of close-ups and dancing is almost nonexistent. The video and song, nonetheless, makes a very strong impression. The reason? Because the song and video is all about defiance, success, self-belief, an escape from a poisonous/abusive relationship and stickin’ it to her ex-partner. Plus, the video includes a dominatrix scene. Need I say more?

Younha Feat. Ha:tfelt and Cheetah – “Get It?”

Younha’s “Get It?” has got some serious Spice Girls meets modern day vibes. The song, which features two other women, Ha:tfelt and Cheetah, is all about a partner who has done these women wrong and who has cheated on them yet refuses to fess up to his transgressions. Younha, Ha;tfelt and Cheetah, of course, are pissed that their partner has not only cheated but that he also won’t fess up, and as a result, some serious sarcasm and trash talk, which are not to be missed, goes down as the trio teach him a lesson.

 Hailee Steinfeld – “Love Myself”

Actress Hailee Steinfeld released her first official song last year, “Love Myself,” a bangin’ ode to masturbation that is sex positive to the ninth degree.

Take away moments from “Love Myself?” A leotard in the music video with the word “self-service” stamped across it, and the lyrics “Know how to satisfy / Keeping that tempo right without you”; “I’m gonna touch the pain away / I know how to scream my own name”; “I’m gonna put my body first / And love me so hard ’til it hurts”; and “Gonna love myself, no, I don’t need anybody else.” So basically, the entire song is the takeaway.

P!nk – “So What”

Incredibly catchy, P!nk’s “So What” is a high energy song that is all about breakups, moving on and having fun. In short, “So What” is a revenge party song. Inspiration for the song? P!nk’s temporary separation from her husband Carey Hart (she and her husband have since reunited).

Beyoncé – “Run the World (Girls)”

One of the best power songs ever, Beyoncé’s “Run the World (Girls)” is an anthem that celebrates women and their efforts to make a paycheck. It is thus suffice to say that “Run the World (Girls)” is the perfect sing to listen to if you’re not only feeling crushed by the world at large but by the patriarchy as well and you need a pick me up. Plus, the music video for “Run the World (Girls)” is absolutely killer and features hyenas, a lion, on point dancing and a girl army.