The Bechdel, Russo, and Race Test: Lucy

Lucy passed the Bechdel and race test but failed to pass the Russo test.

Despite the fact that Lucy was a film that was centered around a woman who became a superior being and turned the tables on her male victimizers, Lucy just barely passed the Bechdel test. For instance, women only spoke to each other two times during the entire movie, the first of which was when Lucy talked to her mom. While the two women did have a lengthy conversation, Lucy’s dad was mentioned several times, and Lucy’s mom was never given a name so their conversation did not qualify as passing the Bechdel test. The second time women spoke to each other was when Lucy spoke to her roommate Caroline. At the beginning of their conversation, several men were mentioned, but by the end, they had stopped talking about men and had instead focused on Caroline’s health. Because the second half of their conversation was man free Lucy earned an iffy pass for the Bechdel test. Lucy also just barely passed the race test.

Despite having numerous non-White cast members, there was only one known instance where two non-White characters spoke to each other and didn’t mention a White character. This one instance occurred when Professor Norman talked to two of his non-White students. There were several other instances where Asian characters spoke to each other, but they never spoke to each other in English, and there were no subtitles so those conversations did not qualify as passing the race test (at least not for a Western audience).

In concern to the Russo test, there were absolutely no LGBT characters so that was an obvious fail.