Four Intersex Individuals Talk Intersex and What it Means

In a new video by BuzzFeed, the term intersex is explored and explained.

As stated by the four intersex individuals in the above video, intersex is not the same as transgender. Transgender is about one’s gender identity while intersex is where one is born with a mishmash of different gendered physical and biological characteristics (e.g. one could naturally be born with ovaries and male breast tissue). Intersex is also a topic that is not commonly addressed, whether privately or publicly, and this is exactly why these four intersex individuals (Pidgeon Pagonis, Emily Quinn, Alice Alvarez and Sean Saifa Wall) are talking out about the subject, and they hope that through this video that they will help educate people on the topic and bring awareness to the intersex community.

As to the other aspects of intersex that the four talk about, they also discuss there are own personal experiences with being intersex, the stigma associated with being intersex, and they discuss how surgeries are commonly performed by medical doctors on intersex children to make the individual physically match only one gender.