“How Gender Inequality Sounds to Normal People,” a Video that Destroys Common Sexist Phrases

From Girl Pants Production comes, “How Gender Inequality Sounds to Normal People,” a video that showcases how stupid common, sexist, misogynistic phrases sound.

Some of the best lines?


Man interviews woman.

                Interviewer: “Miss Adams, before we talk about how you discovered the cure for                     both HIV and cancer, the viewers are dying to know, what are you wearing?”

                Miss Adams: “Uh-uh, I’m wearing…a lab coat…it’s white?”


A man is driving a car, breaks at a red light and slowly edges forward. A woman is in the passenger seat.

                Woman: “W-what are you doing? You’re supposed to stop!”

                Man: “I’m just going to keep pressing until she gives me the green light!”

                Woman: “Red means stop!”

                Man: “No! She’ll eventually change her mind and give me the go ahead!”

And to think that the examples used in this video are only some of the sexist phrases that are used in our day-to-day lives. Ugh.