The First Official Trailer for “Suffragette” Has Arrived and “Suffragette” has an Aversion to Non-White People

The first official trailer for Suffragette is out, and in it, you can see suffragettes rock the system (quite literally); Helena Bonham Carter recruiting Carey Mulligan for the suffragette movement; misogynists being, well, misogynists; an extremely poised Meryl Streep as Emmeline Pankhurst; and most notably, zero non-White men or women.

If the preview’s lack of visible non-White people is an indicator of what is to come, I’m not so sure about this film. Ugh, I just mean, seriously? No non-White people? While the feminist movement certainly has had (and still does have) problems when it comes to actually including non-White individuals (and LGBTI individuals and individuals with disabilities) in the movement and addressing topics that directly impact non-White individuals (and LGBTI individuals and individuals with disabilities), it is an entirely different matter to make a film about feminism and to decide it is a good idea to exclude an entire population. Just what were they thinking? Seriously, what a stupid move.