Faces of Courage, a Photography Series that Showcases the Adversity that Women Face

Mark Tuschman, a photographer, has recently released a photobook titled Faces of Courage.

Faces of Courage is a photobook full of portraits of women from around the world. The overall theme of Faces of Courage is how women face hardship (especially when it comes to controlling their own lives and bodies) and how they do so courageously. Individual shots (instead of group photos) were almost exclusively used for Faces of Courage and this was done because Tuschman feels that it is easier for people to relate to and connect to an individual’s story than to a group’s.

An interview with Tuschman about his photobook can be found here and below are some of the photographs from Tuschman’s Faces of Courage.

Evelyn Quarty was a baker, but when she fell ill, she was told by her doctor to stop baking. No longer able to bake, Quarty turned to selling flour, and with the help of loans from Womens Trust, Quarty became the main distributor of flour for Pokuase, Ghana.
An instructor for Bixby Girl Child Education Project pulls out a laptop while teaching in a rural area of Nigeria.
A girl from Pokuase, Ghana who is supported by a scholarship from Womens Trust.
Two Maasai girls work on their homework.
A traditional birth attendant advises a pregnant woman who is about to give birth in Maiduguiri, Nigeria.
Nazia’s husband’s family demanded a motorcycle as part of her dowry, and when her husband received the motorcycle, he push Nazia off of his motorcycle while she was 7 months pregnant.
A nurse in a clinic outside of Bangladesh cares for the baby of a teenage mother (the mother is in the background).
Seni was trafficked from Indonesia to Saudi Arabia, where she was forced to work as an indentured servant for several years. She has since reunited with her husband and son, whom can be seen in the background.
A woman in Dhaka, Bangladesh has just undergone a Norplant birth-control procedure.
In a village outside of Kano, Nigeria, women are waiting to see healthcare workers.